State-of-Art Shopping Cart, and Scalable. ERP or CRM Integration without Compromise. Software upgrades included

E-Commerce Responsive Design and ERP or CRM Integration

Customized shopping carts and databases are Centric Web®, Inc.'s hallmark. We deliver e-commerce sites that compete with large online shopping carts for the fraction of the cost through the use of open-source programming languages and lean operating costs. CMS (content management system) allows savvy clients to easily maintain the mission-critical parameters of the shopping cart and stay competitive despite the rapid market changes. Our HRD or hybrid responsive design allows shoppers to purchase across multiple mobile platforms without the compromise of web quality.

Integration of ERP or CRM through API customization.

The sites are compatible with all major Mobile Devices, so no extra funds are required to make it work.

Centric Web®, Inc.'s shopping carts (CentLogic) are developed to the highest standards known in the industry. The module format allows customization from a simple to a sophisticated e-commerce solution. We consider security and safe check-out as one of the highest priorities and offer different marketing tools that are crucial to attracting existing and potential buyers. Our unique financial analysis helps our clients to calculate a solid return on investment (ROI).

Easy to navigate, each e-commerce site can be monitored by a sophisticated statistical tracking program. Reports on visitors and their traffic patterns can be accessed at any time.

Important Features To Know:


  • Responsive design
  • Complete site and timely updated software
  • Simple to use backend admin
  • Quick check out for clients
  • Linked to all major social media
  • Video upload
  • PCI-compliance server-side
  • Mobile Site
  • Programmed in the USA
  • State-of-art shopping cart
  • SEO-friendly
  • Customized cart to the specs of the client

A few designs are below. More examples upon request.


Karilyn Designs

www.karilyndesigns.com runs on Centric Web®, Inc.'s CentLogic® shopping cart, which is easy to maintain and enjoys Centric Web®, Inc.'s PCI web-hosting service.


Capital Equipment Exchange

www.ce-exchange.com runs on our own CentLogic quote cart to sell used SMT equipment and parts. The quote cart is hosted on Centric Web®, Inc.'s PCI-compliant servers. The quote cart talks to the customer's ERP system.