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We specialize in organic SEO applying our wealth of marketing know-how accumulated over 20 years. Managed organic SEO is time-consuming and requires top expertise to deliver the desired results. Many of our customers use our SEO service to generate more pre-qualified leads. On this page, we only depict one of our many valued customers. More references are available upon request.

Our services include: Search Engine Placement (SEP), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sitemap Creation, Well written Content, Website Audit, Website report and Statistics (Keywords, Traffic, Competitive Analysis).
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Centric Web, Inc.'s statistics program is included in the hosting fee and offers solid data to analyze your site. Securely login and enjoy a wealth of stats information ranging from Unique Users to key-phrases typed in Google to find your website and learn, which pages are clicked on.



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