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Our web design team assists our customers with the web design challenge, so a clean and wow-looking website can be expected. Our designs are search-engine and ChatGPT-ready to enjoy a higher ranking in search engines. In addition, we specialize in manufacturers and B2B businesses. Our website design features a modern CMS to effortlessly maintain any website, which saves on operating costs.

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  • Modern website design
  • Custom web design, not a template
  • Easy to maintain websites
  • Google-friendly and ChatGPT-ready
  • Web design for manufacturers
  • Works on all well-known platforms
  • Software updates included
  • Our customers love our fair prices
  • In-house secure cloud web hosting
  • Enhance your user experience
  • 25 years of web expertise
  • 18 years of manufacturing experience

Web Development for Manufacturing

Custom Design, Not a Template



Why Centric Web

Why Centric Web?

The owners worked 18 years in the manufacturing industry and will apply this crucial knowledge and expertise in web design, digital marketing, and PCI web hosting.

The B2B customers welcome this unique expertise.


Our Quality Web Design in 4 Steps

Centric Web®, Inc. goes through a 4-step process cycle to develop
your website to keep it clean and simple



Step 1 is Discovery/Proposal Discovery / Proposal

Well-planned web design projects with our customers. Enjoy a detailed proposal with future expansion capabilities in mind. The web proposal addresses all the needs and wants and eliminates financial surprises.

Step 2 is Conceptual Web Design under Dev.Conceptual Web Design

Our conceptual web design will address the layout and quality of web development to the highest standard. We apply the latest knowledge, which includes AI and ChatGPT. The GPT results are positively viewable when using the Chat function of any search engine.



Step 3 is ApprovalApproval

This approval process is decisive as it is the trademark of any customer's business to enjoy a website representing the customer's creativity and product solutions to
distinguish from its competitors.



Step for is to Go LiveGo Live

Finally, the website can go live after planning, developing, receiving the final feedback, and passing the website audit. No coding, programming errors, or faulty links will hold back this newly designed website. Current and future customers will enjoy browsing it 24/7/365.



Web Design and its Amazing Features



  • Complete design, clean, and easy to use
  • Custom design, modern, and GPT-ready
  • Secure and works on all the browsers
  • All websites include a lean mobile design and are responsive
  • SEO-Driven programming to help the ranking in SE
  • Small, medium, or large websites
  • Includes CMS for easy updates
  • Website updates are available through our professional team
  • Over 1,200 websites launched and counting
  • No WordPress sites
Tru Coat Plating was looking for a professionally designed manufacturing website to attract more clients needing volume hard chrome plating for small to medium part sizes with a quick turnaround and at a competitive price. Tru Coat Plating selected Centric Web®, Inc., and organic SEO was commissioned once the site went live. Ture Coat Plating enjoys strong rankings on Google, primarily found on page 1 and the leads they constantly receive.

Grand Chamber by O'Hare, The Grand Chamber by O'Hare was in search of a reliable e-commerce and database-functional website, where members can pay for their membership through a simple and cost-effective way to check out and sign up for local events. The site had to be modern, liked by Google, and ChatGPT-ready. Easy maintenance was also a criteria, and a simple integration into QuickBooks was a must-have.