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About Us

Centric Web®, Inc. develops and creates custom-driven sites, ranging from brochures to e-commerce-focused websites. The company's inception took place 24 years ago as a pure web design play. Since then, the company has grown into a full-service Internet enterprise. Our product offerings vary from managed domain names to complex front-end and back-end programming. These include modern eCommerce sites, quote carts, database programming, web design, PCI web hosting, Lucee, CF, and .net. Our customers demand the best PCI web hosting: Our brand name servers are managed 24/7, backed up, and enjoy an uptime of 99.99%. Our highly educated team swiftly responds to customer demands and delivers the requested content on time. In addition, our web development team has designed over 1,200s of sites for small, medium, and large companies and is proud to be the supplier of choice for S&P 500 companies.

We strive to be "operations excellent” to keep our costs at a minimum, offering our clients the fair value proposition they are looking for.

Since consistent world-class customer service is not easy to achieve, Centric Web®, Inc. has made it part of its mission statement and philosophy to treat every client with the maximum respect possible.

Our clients can count on 35 years of international business experience.


The Leading Team

Melvin Renowden, the CEO, co-founded Centric Web®, Inc. on November 2, 1998, helping small and medium-size companies succeed via the Internet financially.

Melvin has progressed through a series of technical, commercial, and leadership roles at various companies before starting up Centric Web®, Inc. His first-hand international business experience and fluency in German, French, and Swiss-German give him a competitive edge vis-à-vis his peers.

His open-minded approach to problem-solving and listening to customers' needs has expanded the company's product and commercial leadership role by delivering websites that significantly increase revenue. In addition, Melvin’s well-rounded professional education allows him to be an expert in technology, marketing, operations, and sales--a rare find that, combined, may help customers cut operating costs and boost revenue at the same time.

Before co-founding Centric Web®, Inc., Melvin held several leadership positions within S&P 500 manufacturing/service-oriented companies and was heavily involved in offering economical solutions to metals manufacturers, welding facilities, and semiconductor companies.  

Melvin holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Engineering School of Bienne/Switzerland and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Barbara Renowden, CTO, and co-founder of Centric Web®, Inc., developed her website through complex means by hard-coding the entire site in 1996, when the Internet was easy to understand. Barbara’s e-commerce site, www.legacyimports.com, a domain name she still owns, used to sell pearl jewelry online. Unfortunately, the site did not generate enough revenue--the idea of selling products online was still in its infancy--but the enterprise clearly shows that her entrepreneurial leadership skills were well ahead of her time. Shortly after that, Barbara created her first B2B site for AVS, Inc. in early 1997, and the site was a great success.  Barbara also talked at different seminars, such as Todcon or Adobe conferences, representing Centric Web®, Inc.’s value proposition.  In the past 24 years, her team developed and launched over 1,200 websites for small to medium-sized companies. Barbara is an expert in ColdFusion programming, also known as CF development.

Before co-founding Centric Web®, Inc., Barbara traveled the world selling high-tech equipment such as vacuum furnaces and sinter hips to businesses in countries such as China and India.

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