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Web design and web programming matter more than ever. Lean programming allows faster download speed, enhancing the probability of more clients to visit and stay on your website. Centric Web, Inc.’s 20 years of web experience developing state-of-the-art websites for manufacturers, The sites come with 25% less programming code and deliver the anticipated ROI. The simple to use Content Management System allows our customers to efficiently maintain their websites, so more focus can be attributed to their daily operations. It takes years to develop these skills and our custom designed websites for the B2B market clearly make a difference.

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  • Semblex Corporation

    Semblex Corporation

    www.semblex.com, a solutions provider for fasteners, was in need of a professional and responsive designed website, so its customers such as Ford, GM and much more, could locate the desired technical information with a few clicks. Access to a clean and simple mobile site was also important to Semblex. Semblex is an international company and to please its customers overseas, the website features multiple languages.  Organic SEO is also managed by Centric Web, Inc. as top ranking in Google is a crucial attribute for Semblex.

  • Zip Fastener

    Zip Fastener

    www.zipfastener.com is also a fastener manufacturer and came to Centric Web, Inc. to discuss and order a brand new responsive website coupled with a solid mobile site. Internet Marketing was a key factor for Zip Fastener Products and commissioned Centric Web, Inc. to manage the organic SEO as well to drive more traffic to the site coming from Google. Zip Fastener benefits from Centric Web Inc’s. web expertise offering a pallet of well-recognized services

  • AH Tensor International, LLC.

    AH Tensor International, LLC.

    www.ustensor.com recently joined Centric Web, Inc.'s growing customer list. AH Tensor International, LLC. was in the market for a new and easy to navigate B2B website, which had to include an international map and selected Centric Web, Inc. for this new endeavor. Prior to going live, AH Tensor International, LLC. was very pleased with its new "wow" website and the simple way of managing it on their own. The website was delivered on time and is hosted on our PCI-hosting servers.

  • MidCo Systems

    MidCo Systems

    www.midcosystems.com, MidCo Systems was looking for a new website and mobile site with one easy click to update. A twitter feed was added to the front page, a custom visitor request form was created and an online survey was added as well. Centric Web, Inc. is maintaining this website based on a request. MidCo Systems is also a long-term customer of Centric Web, Inc.

  • Mexicali Hard Chrome

    Mexicali Hard Chrome

    www.mexicalichrome.com was looking for a professionally designed website to attract more clients in need of chrome plating, machining, and other surface treatments. They found Centric Web, Inc. through Google and once the site went live organic SEO was commissioned. Mexicali Hard Chrome enjoys a visibility over 80% in Google, found on either page 1 or 2.

  • Tramco Pump

    Tramco Pump

    www.tramcopump.com  is a captive and a commercial pump manufacturer, distributor, respectively.  Tramco Pump was in need to a professional looking website, which includes a responsive web design and mobile site. Tramco Pump has been a loyal customer for 18 years and is pleased with its state-of-art website.

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